Elevate Your Tabletop RPGs 

with Sound Show

The Crucial Role of Ambiance 🎵

For Dungeon Masters (DMs), ambiance is everything. The right soundtrack or sound effect can catapult your players into bustling cities, haunted forests, or gloomy dungeons. Yet, handling narrative, characters, and rules is taxing enough without the added pressure of managing sound in real-time.

The Hurdles of Traditional Systems 🐉

Conventional sound systems may the simplicity and intuitiveness that DMs crave. The challenge of finding the perfect sound can disrupt the flow of a gripping storyline or a crucial battle. And that's where Sound Show steps in to make your life easier.

Introducing Sound Show: 

Features and Benefits 🌟

Streamlined Interface

Sound Show offers a visual interface that lets you easily categorize and preview your sounds. Whether it's a dragon's roar or a soft forest lullaby, switching between sounds has never been smoother.

Seamless Transitions 

Right-click to crossfade between sounds effortlessly. Go from the raucous noise of a tavern to a tension-building silence in a snap. Left-click to layer sounds, adding depth to your audio environment.

Automated Sound Sequences

Pre-plan your epic battles and dramatic narratives by programming sequences of sounds that play automatically. Match every narrative beat and captivate your players' attention.

Many Presets

Exercise absolute control over each sound's volume level. Set the start or stop time of a sound. Add echo, reverb... Tailor the auditory experience to the last detail, ensuring your scenarios are as immersive as possible.

Why Choose Sound Show? 🎲

Today, Sound Show stands as a powerful, intuitive sound management system tailor-made for tabletop RPGs. As a DM, it offers you a robust set of tools that help you create truly immersive experiences.

Each RPG session is a collaborative adventure crafted by the DM and the player. With Sound Show, the power is in your hands. I'm excited to hear about the captivating worlds you will create.

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Videos tutorial from Lord Gwydion 🎥

A discovery video of Sound Show targeted at RPG DM

Controlling Sound Show from IPad

Controlling Sound Show from midi device