Sound Show

Free Soundboard for TTRPG

The Crucial Role of Ambiance 🎵

For Dungeon Masters (DMs), ambiance matters. 

The right soundtrack or sound effect can catapult your players into bustling cities, haunted forests, or gloomy dungeons. 

Yet, handling narrative, characters, and rules is taxing enough without the added pressure of managing sound in real-time.

Sound Show features 🌟

Easy to use interface

Sound Show offers a visual interface that lets you easily categorize and preview your sounds.

Seamless Transitions 

Right-click to crossfade between sounds effortlessly. Left-click to layer sounds, adding depth to your audio environment.

Use ​instructions to build atmosphere

With the instruction system you can build complexes or simples atmospheres with some random effects.

Here are some simple example of what you can achieve :

  • A button that play a random sounds among a list of sounds
  • Some sounds that play at a random time (for example birds singing)
  • ...

Many Presets

Exercise absolute control over each sound's volume level. Set the start or stop time of a sound. Add echo, reverb....

Download Sound Show

Videos tutorial from Lord Gwydion 🎥

A discovery video of Sound Show targeted at RPG DM

Controlling Sound Show from IPad

Controlling Sound Show from midi device