Why Sound Show is Not Open Source 🔒


Addressing the Community's Questions 🤔

I've received numerous inquiries about the potential of making Sound Show open source. The benefits of open-source software are well-known, and I appreciate the enthusiasm and interest. To address these questions transparently, here's why Sound Show remains closed source for now.

Barrier 1: Cost of Paid Assets 💲

First and foremost, Sound Show utilizes a range of paid assets from the Unity Asset Store. Going open source would mean that potential contributors might have to spend a significant amount, possibly hundreds of dollars, just to get started. This financial burden could deter many from contributing.

Barrier 2: Code Clean-Up Required 🧹

In its present form, Sound Show's code would need substantial clean-up and reorganization before becoming accessible for public modification. This process would consume time and resources that are currently being channeled into improving the software itself.

Barrier 3: Personal Investment and Ownership 🛠️

I have invested countless hours into creating Sound Show in my free time. The idea that someone else could profit off my hard work or create a rival version is a matter of concern.

The Future: Is Open Source a Possibility? 🌟

I haven't entirely ruled out making Sound Show open source. Once I can devote more time to the project, transitioning to an open-source model may become more viable. I'm fully aware that this could bring about new levels of innovation and community involvement.

Conclusion 🙏

I hope this clarification sheds light on the current closed-source nature of Sound Show.

 Your understanding and continued support are invaluable as I strive to deliver a high-quality, robust, and user-friendly sound management tool.