​Sound Organization in Sound Show

With Sound Show, one of my primary objective is to streamline your sound access, making it as quick and efficient as possible.

Favorites Row

  • The Favorites Row is designed for your most-used sounds, allowing quick and easy access at all times.
  • This row features 12 slots by default; however, you can expand your favorites collection through our intuitive paging system.

Categorized Tabs

  • Sounds not designated as favorites are organized into specific categories for easier navigation.
  • Each category is represented as a tab, making it simple to switch between different sound types.
  • While 11 categories are displayed at a time, you can effortlessly browse through an unlimited number using our paging system.

Main Grid

  • The main interface grid showcases 40 sound buttons, arranged in 4 rows and 10 columns.
  • Similar to the Favorites Row and Categorized Tabs, the Main Grid also employs a paging system, ensuring there is no limitation to the number of sounds you can have in a given category.