Search Functionality in Sound Show

In the fast-paced environment where quick access to sounds is vital, Sound Show offers robust search capabilities designed to get you the sounds you need, right when you need them.

Search Tab

  • Look for the tab featuring a magnifying glass icon to access the Universal Search function.
  • Ensure the source dropdown is set to "Sound Show" for internal searches. Other options are available for searching external sources like your file system or the Freesound website.
  • There is a search tab (with the magnifying glass icon)

Search Requirements

  • A minimum of three characters is needed to initiate a search, allowing for more precise results.

Search Scope

  • The Search scans through:
    • Sound names
    • Tags
    • Categories

You can add tags when the configuration of an element :

Category Row Filter

  • A search field at the top of the categories row allows you to quickly filter categories, making it easier to locate the one you need.

In-Category Search

  • Each category tab also features its own search bar, enabling search queries confined to that specific category.