Control your OBS streams and recordings

You can now control OBS from within Sound Show :

  • Start or stop your recording or stream
  • Change scenes

Configuration OBS

In OBS you need to activate the WebSocket Server

Go to Tools => WebSocket Server Settings

Select the Port you want

Set a password and check the Enable Authentication (recommended)

Check the "Enable WebSocket server"

Configuration Sound Show

In Sound Show, go to the Option view

Under the Services tab you can configure OBS IP, port and password

Adding actions

You can add OBS actions by going in edit mode and clicking on the plus sign on the grid

In the popup : 

  • select "OBS Action" to add a button to start or stop the streaming or recording
  • or select "OBS Scene" to add a button to select a scene

Configure the OBS Action

Configure the Scene selection item

You can now interact with OBS by clicking the buttons