​Previewing Sounds in Sound Show

Sound Show recognizes that pre-listening to a sound can be crucial for delivering the perfect auditory experience. 
With our preview feature, you can easily ensure that your selected sounds perfectly match the current situation.

Switching Output Devices

  • To switch from the main to the secondary output, click the 'Device' button located in the "Next Sound" pane.
  • As a convenient alternative, you can also toggle output by simply pressing the 'Shift' key.


Visual Indicators

  • When the secondary output is selected, the 'Device' button will turn orange as a visual cue, making it clear that the sound will not be played through the main output.
  • Sound players operating on the secondary output will also display in orange, allowing for easy identification.


Sound Execution

  • The next sound you launch will play through the output you've selected, leaving all other ongoing sound executions unaffected.

Configuration Options

  • To adjust your main and secondary output settings, navigate to the "Options" view.
  • Within the 'Device' tab, you can set both your main and secondary output devices, as well as control the volume level for the secondary output.