Sound Show

Donationware and Pro version 🎧

Sound Show is a software designed to cater to everyone, whether you're just dabbling in sound manipulation or are a seasoned professional. 

Accessibility has been a mantra, and that's why the core version of Sound Show is absolutely free to use.

The Donationware Model 💖

Although Sound Show is free, developing and maintaining it is far from costless. I have put in significant time and effort to create this tool, and if you find it useful—especially if it generates income for you—I kindly ask you to consider donating to support its continued development.

  • Fair Pricing 🤝 The donation model allows you to decide what the software is worth to you. It accommodates different user needs; from someone who uses it for a one-off event to professionals who rely on it for their livelihood.
  • Try Before You Donate 🆓 You can fully test Sound Show without any initial investment, allowing you to donate based on how valuable you find it.
  • Support for All 👫: With the Donationware model, all users get access a big set of features, regardless of their financial capacity.

Sound Show Pro💎

For those looking for a little something extra, I've launched Sound Show Pro. 
This version comes with some exclusive features to elevate your sound experience. 
While the free version will continue to receive updates and support, Sound Show Pro is designed for those who demand more.

  • Exclusive Features 🌟: Benefit from advanced capabilities​
  • Contributing to Development 🛠️: Help me continue to innovate, ensuring that Sound Show keeps getting better.

A Thank You Note 💌

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who has donated or purchased to the pro version. 
Your support has been overwhelming and inspiring. 
It is my dream to make Sound Show not just an occasional hobby but something I can commit to full-time.

Every contribution—be it a donation or a premium purchase —makes a difference in sustaining and growing this project.