Sound Show

Free soundboard for live performances



Sound Show is an advanced soundboard software designed to give you easy and complete control over the sounds you launch

It's also more than just a sound player, you can display visuals like images, videos, webcam, or program sequences to play automatically. 

Whether you're an improviser, a podcaster, a radio broadcaster, or a Dungeon Master, Sound Show is an ideal tool for creating immersive auditory and visual experiences.

Video overview

Discover some key features of Sound Show in this overview video and watch other videos on our Youtube channel


Here are some key features of Sound Show
Find how it can help you to achieve your goals !


Play many sounds at the same time and control each of them individually or together

Organize your sounds

Organize your sounds in different categories to group them under different tabs or set them as favorite to have them always visible

Search sounds

Search through all your sounds by title, tags or category


 Set the start time, stop time, volume, loop, effects (echo, reverb), fades and many more setting for each sound

Keyboard Shortcuts

Many shortcuts to have fast and easy controls

Preview sounds

Send sound to another output to preview it before launching it for real

Project on a display

Play video, images, webcam or other visual elements on a second screen

Program sequences

Use the instruction system to program simple or more complex sequence of elements to be played (simltaneous or not, with delay, wait for user input...)


Sound Show fits for many different use cases, maybe it will help you in your creative journey !







💎 Sound Show Pro 💎

You love Sound Show ? Now, it's time to elevate your experience.

For just $15, benefit from exclusive features and contribute directly to the future development of Sound Show. 

MIDI Controller Support

Bring your hardware into play
Use your MIDI controller to launch and control sounds

DMX Light Control via QLC+

Illuminate your performances by controlling DMX lights from within Sound Show

OBS Integration

Start and stop OBS recording and streaming and change scenes from within Sound Show 

Additional features

Grid size customization, waveform visualization, custom icons, skins, volume boost,  microphone recording


Take control of Sound Show directly from your android phone using Sound Show Remote, as long as you're on the same local network

Contributing to dev

Help me continue to innovate, ensuring that Sound Show keeps getting better

🎬 Sound Show Pro Trailer