How to Output Sound Show Sounds into a Discord Server

In this guide, we will learn how to output sounds from Sound Show into a Discord server.

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What You'll Need

To achieve this, you will need two pieces of software:

  1. Kenku FM: This allows you to send sounds to a Discord bot.
  2. VB Cable Virtual Audio Device: This enables Sound Show output to be used as an input for Kenku FM.

Both software are free to install, but donations are encouraged to support their development.


  1. Kenku FM: Download and install Kenku FM
  2. VB Cable Virtual Audio Device: Download and install  VB Cable

Configuration of Kenku FM

  1. Open Kenku FM and navigate to the "Connect Discord for more outputs" section.
  2. Click on it and it will ask for a token. Follow the provided link to get your token.

Getting Your Token

  1. Go to the Discord Developer Portal.
  2. Create a new application and name it (e.g., Kenku FM).
  3. In the "Bot" menu, you can set a name for the bot and save it.
  4. In the "OAUTH2" menu, set "bot" as the scope and grant it "connect" and "speak" permissions.
  5. Copy the generated URL, open it in a new tab, and select the server to add the bot.
  6. Authorize the bot and confirm you are human. The bot will be added to your Discord server.

Finalizing the Configuration

  1. In the Discord Developer Portal, go to the bot settings and reset the token.
  2. Copy the new token and paste it into Kenku FM's application, then click connect.

Connecting Sound Show to Kenku FM

  1. In Kenku FM, allow "External inputs" and click "Done".
  2. Select the VB Cable output as the input for Kenku FM.
  3. In Sound Show, change the output in the options to "Cable Input".

Testing the Setup

  1. Go to your Discord server and join the same channel as the bot.
  2. Play a sound in Sound Show. You should hear it in your headphones through the Discord channel.


Congratulations! You have successfully configured Sound Show to output sounds into a Discord server.

For more tutorials, stay tuned to our channel.

Thanks for reading!