Keyboard Shortcuts

Sound Show has many keyboard shortcuts to allow a fast and easy control of your soundboard

You can launch the content buttons by pressing the key indicated on the bottom left of the buttons

Default Keyboard Shortcuts


Talk-over mode (lower the volume when pressed)


Fade out all sounds


Go to the next category

Ctrl + Tab

Go to previous category

Button Key

Start sound

Ctrl + Button key

Crossfade sound

Alt gr

Load all elements of the current category


When pressed, send to the sounds started to secondary output

Caps lock

Toggle output between main and secondary


 Master volume up

Ctrl +Master volume up faster
Master volume down
Ctrl -Master volume down faster

Default mouse actions

Left click on content button

Start an element

Right click on content button

Crossfade an element

Middle click on sound button

Add sound to the quick play category (or remove it)

Right click on a volume slider

Move progressively to the desired volume (over 1 second)

Keyboard configuration

You can change most of the shortcuts through the Option view

Change general shortcuts under the "Commands" tab :

Change the content shortcuts the "Sound commands" tab :