2023: An Astonishing Odyssey for Sound Show

What an extraordinary year it has been for Sound Show! Starting from a simple idea, this software has soared spectacularly. Today, over 200 people download Sound Show each week, enthusiastically surpassing the 10,000 downloads milestone.

Your passion and creativity, using Sound Show for a myriad of events - theater, improvisation, dance, role-playing games, parties, all sorts of shows, sports events, and more - have deeply moved me. I had the privilege of connecting with passionate individuals around the world, all engaged in creative projects. Your invaluable feedback has allowed me to continually improve Sound Show.

The challenge is significant: adapting Sound Show to a variety of uses, machines, operating systems, and languages. But it's a mission I enthusiastically accept, as every moment spent on this project is worthwhile. Your positive feedback, support, and donations are my motivation to keep persevering.

Until now, I've often experimented with small programs, games, and more, but nothing has been as successful as Sound Show. Its success exceeds all my expectations. The future is uncertain, but one thing is sure: we are moving forward together into new frontiers.

I wish you all excellent end-of-year celebrations. See you in 2024 for new adventures with Sound Show!

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