Introducing Sound Show Pro

Introducing Sound Show Pro: Elevate Your Sound Control Experience

Hello, Sound Show Enthusiasts! 
There is now a pro version of Sound Show with additional features that is available for users paying at least 15$. It is a way to give something to users that want to support the project and get funding to improve Sound Show.

🌟 What's Exclusive in Sound Show Pro?

  • Android Remote Control: Take control of Sound Show directly from your phone using Sound Show Remote, as long as you're on the same local network. To see it in action, check out this YouTube video.
  • MIDI Controller Support (Experimental): Unlock the potential of your MIDI controllers for an even more dynamic experience.
  • DMX Light Control via QLC+: Simplify your DMX lighting setup by controlling it directly from Sound Show. Note: this feature is experimental and supports basic QLC+ functions for now.
  • OBS Integration: Manage your streams or recordings effortlessly in OBS from your Sound Show interface. Currently, only start/stop and scene switching functionalities are available.

A lot of these features will be improved over time and some other one will be added. There is currently a lack of comprehensive testing on Linux and MacOS.

🌱 What About the Free Version?

Don't worry—the free version of Sound Show isn't going anywhere. It will continue to receive updates and improvements. Sound Show Pro is for those who want to access additional specialized features.

🎁 A Token of Appreciation for Early Supporters

If you've made any donation before the release of Sound Show Pro, I'd like to express my gratitude by offering you a free Sound Show Pro key. To claim it, please reach out to me via the Contact form.

📞 Questions or Issues?

Your feedback is invaluable to me. If you have questions or encounter any issues, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you for your support—I'm excited to hear your thoughts on Sound Show Pro!

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