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Hello! I'm curious if it's possible to trigger multiple commands with a single button press. 

Let's say for example that I use the Pro license to control QLC+, and I want to have a lightning & thunder effect on stage. That will consist of a thunder sound effect, and the lights flashing. Can I trigger a sound effect and a light effect with the same button? Or do they have to be separate buttons?

Another thing I'm curious about: let's say I want to have a thunder sound effect, and I also want a sound effect of a wolf howling to make it extra spooky. But the sound effects are 2 separate audio files. Can I trigger the thunder sound effect file at the same time as the wolf howl file? 

If this is not possible, I'd love to add it as a feature request. 




The way I do it (might be needlessly complicated, but it works...):

- Enter Edit mode
- Select "Instructions" from the tabs above the window in the lower left
- drag and drop the sounds you want to start from your list to the window in the lower left
- Click every little magnifying glass before the elements you added and check the "autostart"-box, then click "validate"
- Click the little "save playlist"-symbol above the "GO"-window
- Scroll down, check the "Simultaneous"-box
- Name the group instruction and adjust colour, etc. to your liking, then click "Validate"
- there should be a new element that starts all your sounds at once

Hope that helps!


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